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Honey and tea, sugar cubes, one lump or two?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I haven't written in Live Journal for a long, long time

I wonder if anybody else is still here

I'm pretty sure myspace has taken everything over.  Because on myspace all you do is click "pictures" and write "you're so pretty" on each one of them until you find someone who will bang you.

mmm, yes here is me again philisophising about the human mind.  Actually more like the American one.

I dont think the rest of the world is so careless.  I'm not sure though I really haven't been to the rest of the world.  

I wonder what my live journal even says to me.  I looked at the last two posts i made on this account, i wonder what else i have written...

Current mood: crushed

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

3:23PM - Its nice to know what great friends i have

at the library yo!

its just nice to know that i have fucking great friends who talk behind my back every second they get and then act all nice and happy to me when they see me....

if this situation doesnt directly involve you
stay the fuck out

Saturday, November 12, 2005

4:50PM - Kill me now i need to feel complete~ Seether

This isnt my first entry, i had one of these before... so hey everybody this is me and thanks for reading this my life is pretty boring right now. I think im gonna find a cool layout and some rockin groups to join... and maybe some friends